8 Day Yoga Teacher’s Evolution Training

8 – 16 December, 2020

The Yoga House

Koh Phangan, Thailand

This specialty training for yoga teachers will give you the tools and practical experiences to excel and inspire in teaching Yoga. If you are looking for a deeper refinement in your practice and knowledge of the physical, energetic, emotional, or spiritual aspects of Yoga, you’ll find it here.

Do you want to learn more about Yoga and expand your teachings? Do you want to refine your skills with other teachers, immersed in deep Yoga experiences, learning together? This is it!

Learn how to succinctly guide focused practices for individuals or groups, understand and share the philosophy, experience incredible practices of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, inner dance, meditation and much more. Make connections with new friends. Experience profound peacefulness. This 8 day retreat will add many new skills to your teaching and deepen your own practice as well.



Yoga fuels our passion, joy, and connection with life in the present moment. As teacher’s of Yoga we share this. We inspire and help our students to develop healthier bodies and minds. Simultaneously, we invite them in to a deeper relationship with the Self, an inquiry with their true being, guiding to the the spiritual self on the journey of releasing attachments and fears and dissolving the ego into bliss.​



7:00 – 9:30 Morning Practice
9:30 – 11:00 Breakfast
11:00 – 12:30 Lecture/Theory/Workshop
12:30 – 16:30 Break
16:30 – 18:30 Evening Practice
18:30 – 19:30 Dinner​





Each day has a themed practice and new lectures or workshop topics. Each day you will also teach the techniques from the practice and develop practices from the principles, followed by receiving and giving feedback and group discussion to inspire our group towards developing our best offerings.

Sunday 8th Dec. – Day 1 Welcome & Evening meditation


Arrive and get settled into the Yoga House. This place is so welcoming and relaxing to be in. In the evening enjoy a guided meditation, set intentions for the week of learning, and have an amazing dinner followed by a deep and restful sleep.

Monday 9th Dec. – Day 2 In & Out of Poses – Alignment Vinyasa & Sequencing


There are essential movements, engagements, and linked breath patterns which create balance in the body and facilitate greater freedom, less pain, improved core strength, and meditative experience in yoga asana. Repetition of specific movements or actions in sequences linking poses, movements in and out of one pose, or even simple joint movements, increase body awareness, increase range of motion, and the ability to hold asana with greater poise and ease, “Sthira Sukhum Asanam” = “Asana is steady, comfortable posture” which allows for meditation on the infinite. Learn a vinyasa inspired practice which leads to alignment, balance and integration.
Alignment Vinyasa Lecture/Workshop: alignment vinyasa techniques for entering and exiting poses, transitions, breaking down certain poses into smaller actions with breath linking, connecting poses, sequencing

Tuesday 10th. Dec. – Day 3 Hips and Deep Hip Opening


Hip opening practices often bring unexpected levels of release and freedom in our experience that can be surprising. Many people are unaware of how much tension is there in their body and emotions! Many other imbalances or pains in the body can be a result of tight hips. Day 3 focuses on the best approach to opening this area of the body, which involves not only stretching but significant strengthening to increase muscle tissue quality, improve circulation, and better alignment.

Letting Go of Attachments and Fears Contemplation: Through practice and studying philosophy we can dissolve the ego-ic structures that cause our suffering. You will be invited through inquiry, thought experiment, and meditation, to look deeply at yourself and find you are actually beyond all identities, all attachments, beyond all fears.

Hip Stretch Adjustments Workshop: In the midday workshop we will practice adjustments and Thai Yoga massage techniques that help to both educate and deepen the stretch of the hips for our students or body work clients. This encompasses Yoga asana adjustments, assisted stretching, PNF technique, and how to give adjustments for extreme range of motion postures for students who are ready.

Wednesday 11th Dec. – Day 4 Handstand & Shoulder Mobility


While many of the practices of this day are foundational for handstand, you will also learn about healing and strengthening the wrist, core strength, shoulder stretches, and technique principles that apply to all the inversion postures. In fact, many of the ways we train specifically for handstand can improve any other active part of your practice and once handstand is possible, it’s also great for overall postural balance.

Hatha Yoga Teaching Methodology Lecture: Learn teaching methodology to create the best private sessions or group classes and how to create multi level practices with options and modifications for exercises. Learn how to sequence Asana and guide awareness to lead towards meditative experiences.

Thursday 12 Dec. – Day 5 Backbend: Anatomy & Beginner to Advanced


Backbends are usually difficult, but offer immense value for our bodies and perception. Various anatomical condition can also greatly affect which backbends are safe to do and how to do them. Learn about injury prevention, the progression of backbends from beginners to advanced, and using props and assisting students to experience their best backbends in poses like fish, cobra, updog, bridge pose, wheel, bow, dancer’s pose, kneeling lunge, scorpion positions and backbends in inversions.

Anatomy of Spine and Backbends: Through guided exercises and working with each others bodies, as well as 3-d anatomy images and video, understand how the body moves into backbends and their effects on various systems of the body and mind.

Friday 13th Dec. – Day 6 Uddiyana Bandha, Nauli, & Pranayama


The kriya practices of uddiyana bandha and nauli are powerful energetic tools that give us lightness of body and mind and help detoxify the bodies elimination channels. Be guided through a very detailed step by step program for learning this often obscure and initially difficult practice. It will make it easy and maybe become one of your favorite practices.

Pranayama breathing practices are what bridge the purpose for the physical practices to the more profound stillness in seated meditation. On day 5 we focus primarily on pranayama practice and theory. As well as being a gateway to meditation, pranayama in combination with visualization can help us to heal and harmonize ourselves at the energetic level. Learn new patterns and pathways to move your vital energies for refinement in action and vibrant wellness.

​Detox and Wellness Lifestyle Lecture: Learn the ancient and modern discoveries for living to your fullest potential. We will look at classic hatha yoga kriyas for detox, Ayurvedic principles for balance diet and lifestyle, modern practices for detox and the best foods to incorporate in the diet for complete nutrition and many other considerations for our wellness. ​

The Yoga House is locally famous on Koh Phangan for having the most amazing and delicious food on the island. There’s a reason for that.. creativity of recipes, preparation, and love! You will love the food during your stay and today we learn more about this style of healthy and satisfying food.

Saturday 14th Dec. – Day 7 Yoga Nidra & Silence


Yoga Nidra should be in every yoga teacher’s skill set! It is a needed practice in today’s pace of life that can help us find deep rest and restoration and reset ourselves when we feel overloaded. Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, and it is a process of intention planting and guided awareness provided to the students in the corpse pose. There is rotation of consciousness through the body, and through various dimensions of experience. A state more restful than sleep an be realized through this practice, yet while the consciousness remains awake. This experience also familiarizes us with the effect of real meditation.

Workshop: This day will have no midday lecture workshop. Instead, we will hold silence throughout this day unless in session. Morning will have a short physical practice followed by a full yoga nidra, a short break, then lecture and writing and activity. The midday and evening sessions will be for you to practice guiding yoga nidra.

Evening Meditation: To continue deepening the processes started by our practices, we will conclude with a group silent meditation after dinner.

Sunday 15th Dec. – Day 8 Mantra, Nada Yoga, Energy, & Meditation


Mantra provides a means to easily bring the mind into firm concentration and also evokes many spiritual energies in our life. We will practice mantra each day in the retreat and focus on them on day 7. These are ancient Sanskrit mantra that describe the yoga philosophy. We will discuss and give a demonstration of simple Nada(sound) yoga practices that can also be done with Tibetan singing bowls or other instruments and enjoy live classic indian music ragas during our physical practice.

Forming Tribe(Sangha) and Holding Space Lecture: Whether it’s a class, a course, or a retreat, creating a safe space that people can open and connect to one another can be the difference that helps people make breakthroughs in their practice and life journey. It may also happen that unexpected events require us to respond in ways outside of the planned course and doing so graciously means holding the space to look towards the greater healing or awareness for all involved.

SUNDAY NIGHT KIRTAN! 20:00 – 22:00 After dinner we will have an ecstatic kirtan led by George Anthony and some of the amazing and soulful bhakti musicians of Koh Phangan’s yogic community. Kirtan is joyful mantra singing and other songs call and response to awaken the divine in us and experience meditative states.

Monday 16th Dec. – Day 9 Morning practice and Circle


Our last morning session will be a little longer to give us time for integrating the various practices into a balanced session. We will conclude with forming a circle, practicing gratitude, reflecting on our journey, and contemplating our offerings in the world going forward.




The Yoga House is one of the most unique and intimate venues for focused trainings and retreats. The setting is perfect for practice and holding group energy and creates a positive and supportive atmosphere. High quality yoga mats, blocks, straps, and cushions are provided. Tucked away from the main road close to the pier town of Thong Sala, it is a quiet retreat with easy access to all what the island has available. There is a jungle garden with a beautiful pool, and all the cozy spaces around the house will make you feel immediately at home. There are several styles of room to choose from for your stay. All rooms have fans and A/C.


24000THB = $800USD


Downstairs are three rooms with shared bathrooms, max of 2 guests per room.
Upstairs is the Dorm room which is a super amazing loft! Max 4 guests, 2 up, 2 down, one bathroom.


25600THB = $845USD


Max for 2 people sharing, one of these rooms has twin beds, the other king size bed. Private bathroom.


20,000THB = $660USD


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