Events at the Yoga House

Morning Power Yoga with Prie

April 5th, April 12th , April 15th

A routine power yoga practice has many health benefits.  This style of yoga can help increase flexibility, build muscle one and strength, and promote a more active lifestyle.  Yogis can gain a strong sense of connection to the physical body through the postures in power yoga.  This connection between breath, mind, and body can help alleviate stress and improve mental well-being and physical fitness.

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Kundalini Prana @ The Yoga House

March 31st, 2022 And April 7th, 2022 

Every Thursday at 8:15 AM come and join a very power Kundalini experience with Raj Palsingh on utilizing the life force, Prana into an upward energy of Kundalini.  Each class here is entireunique as we work on all the important aspects of Kundalini Tantra: AdiShakti, Chakra, Meridians and Glands.


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