The Yoga House offers daily yoga lesson as well as advanced yoga teacher training courses and workshops.

We are honoured to be collaborating with amazing yoga teachers and offer a variety of different yoga practices.

Join us for our scheduled morning lessons and check out our afternoon and evening sessions that are updated on our Facebook page or contact us by WhatsApp or Email.


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Myofascial Integrated Alignment.

A holistic approach of creative sequencing of poses and movement, using the myofascial meridians and fascia properties to create natural balance in the body.

Classes are for intermediate to advance level.




A ceremonial, deep intelligent practice, inspired by Ashtanga.  Alignment and somatic exploration.  In the core of this journey is the anchor of breath and devotion to self-awareness and inner deep witnessing.

Active. Dynamic. Prayer of the body, mind and spirit.





Raj has been involved in Kundalini Yoga in one way, shape or form since 2009.

In 2010, via chanting Mantra, Raj lost sensation of his physical body during the duration of the chant.  From that point onwards, Raj dedicated himself in the path of Yoga, and in doing so developed strong core foundations and fundamental in Kundalini Yoga.

At each of Raj’s sessions at The Yoga House Cafe, explain to learn knowledge of Yoga, self-inquiry alongside the practice of movement, mantras and breath, providing for a wholesome and unique experience of Kundalini Yoga.

Participants leaving Kundalini Yoga with Raj at The Yoga House state they feel elevated and grounded, filled with life energy and fresh new perspective.




A path to self-realization. Hatha yoga emphasizes balancing the law  of polarity.  The active and the passive, Yin/Yang, Sun/Moon, Masculine and feminine.  The asana practice is a little slower with longer holds in each posture.

Less of the teacher talking and more of the practitioners moving, breathing and connecting within.  The intention of the practice is to really focus on the breath, feel the body, and feel how much we can release into the postures.

Hatha means sun and moon.  So, the practice is about balancing the opposite energies.  Because we all have both, the world has both, and that’s what makes beauty beauty and light light, it’s the darkness.

It’s about embracing these opposite energies so that we can find balance and hence live our lives without friction.  Aligning our energies to the world around us and being a little more sensitive so that we can feel them in earth’s tuned, natural energies.  Allowing ourselves to be a little more intuned.



A dynamic and physically demanding style of yoga that involves, synchronizing breath in a progressive series of postures.  Ashtanga Yoga focuses on breath control, strength, flexibility, discipline, and internal energy to create a meditative flow in movement.




A slow-paced, meditative, introspective style of yoga, that follows the Daoist Tradition, therefore, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system.
Meridians are subtle energy channels, where our life force (chi) flows. When the flow of chi is imbalanced or blocked, we experience physical, mental, emotional challenges. By harmonising the chi flow in the meridians through our asana practice, we have the opportunity to support our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
The poses are held for 1-5 minutes long – depending on the asana – in order to access the deep connective tissues of the body (fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints). These tissues are more rigid than muscle tissues, therefore, they need longer time to soften and expand. By mindfully lengthening these tissues we can increase our mobility & flexibility.
By moving the body out of it’s habitual movement and postural patterns, we can access and release deeply buried, stuck energies, emotions and often trauma.



Opening and closing with a yin pose, following that thread of slowing down into a playful practice, moving 360 degrees around the mat, softly flowing through poses and holding them, allowing for deep release. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the element, and related chakra. This practice is the perfect balance between Yin and Yang to nourish the body, mind and nervous system.



A playful and dynamic practice, moving 360 degrees around the mat, softly flowing through strong poses with options for arm balances and inversions to the rhythm of the breath. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the elements, and related chakra. A creative Vinyasa practice to satisfy and challenge the body and mind!



Explore the benefits of slow, passive
stretching. In Yin, we target and slowly coax, open the fascia and connective tissues of the body, giving your muscles space to move and elongate.

We also explore breathing through and softening discomfort. Which is a super useful tool in our toolbelt for exercise, fitness and life in general stressful times!



Gentle full body stretch to reconnect to your body innate intuitive guidance.  Embrace yourself in a way your body needs.  Listen to yourself and only goas far as you want to, allowing yourself to take breaks, go slow or faster.  This class embraces your individuality as a unique human organism.

In this slow and gentle yoga class, we will take our time in each posture to go slightly deep into the stretch.  With many different options and variations available, you choose the right intensity appropriate for you on the day works on your mobility and your flexibility by using different poses to improve your range of motion.

Embodiment practices of yoga bring us into balance, into a state of coherence within ourselves.  Get in touch with the body and learn how to communicate with it and cultivate a loving relationship with all your bodies – physical, emotional, mental, energetical….

Observe the effects of the practice on all your bodies and notice which ones take over.  From which standpoint do you tend to operate as a default mode, as a baseline?  What are the patterns of the body?  Where does your body tend to hold on to stress and tension?  Which areas are asking for your attention now?  How can you honor your body needs right now?  What are the emotions you are feeling now?  Have you give them time and attention?  How have they been talking to you and where do they live in the body.

Does your monkey mind tend to take over?  Where does it take you?  Is it mostly future or past?  What repeated occurring negative and outdated thoughts and belief systems can you observe coming up during your practice? Take note, observe and be aware.

What is the energy that flows through your today?  What kind of energy would you like to invite into your body, into your life today?

Bring softness, attention and awareness within as you integrate this practice into your everyday outlook on life.

Everyone is welcome.  Class is suitable for beginners. Open to all levels and injuries.



Our mind is an incredible tool, but everything starts with our body! It has incredible memory – greatly exceeding the capacity of our mind. We store old emotion and trauma from the day we are born and are most influential till we reach the age of seven. These experiences are commonly repressed, affecting our subconscious mind, and can only be recognized and released through the body.
Developing a healthy physical practice will assist in releasing old blockages in our muscles, fascia and other tissues to regain optimal circulation of energy throughout your system. Improve your joint health, gain flexibility and strength, build a new sense of balance and coordination with increased proprioception, and most importantly learn to move in a way that engages your vital organs so they can function optimally.



My Ashtanga Vinyasa practice encourages a dynamic, continuous sequence of movements, fostering strength, flexibility and mental focus.  We will explore the graceful dance between asanas and pranayama, creating a moving meditation that connects mind, body and sprit.  Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, modifications will be offered to accommodate all levels.

Embrace the challenge, build heat and discover the power of Ashtanga Vinyasa.  Leaving the class balanced, and empowered – carrying the essence of your practice with you beyond the mat.

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